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How to teach kids to paint Montessori Art Book How to teach kids to paint
Kids Painting ebook PDF
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Teach kids to paint, eBook Download

eBook PDF

Teach kids to paint, color paperback Download

Clay Play eBook download ebook down load Nature Sketching – Lesson Plan
Clay Play eBook download
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Sale Price: $9.99
ebook PDF eBook PDF Nature Sketching – Lesson
Book Cover clay play, how to teach young kids modeling and sculpture. Montessori Art
Paperback Book, Nurturing Visual Arts
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CLAY PLAY – Paperback Full Color
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Introducing Visual Arts to The Montessori Classrooms, Paperback
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Paperback Paperback Small 5x5 Paperback Large

Kids Color Theory is perfect for teaching children basic color mixing. ebook Montessori Art Teacher Training
Kids Color Theory – paperback book
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ebook on CD
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Art Teaching Blueprint
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Kids Color Theory is perfect for teaching children basic color mixing. ebook on CD Need more information visit:
Contact instructor Spramani Elaun:

Spring enrollment now open, closes June 7th. Reopens fall 2018.

Art Teaching Blueprint – 7 week Online Video Training Course

(This course is comprehensive and broad in scope with personal coaching included)

Tailored for trained Montessori teachers teaching early childhood, 3-6, or 7-12 students.

This premium training course provides you focused up-to-date professional development in teaching visual arts.

Enhance your teaching skills through focused visual art teaching curriculum under the guidance of an expert with 20 years of child art instruction, 17 years of professional commercial art experience, and author of five art education books for children.

You will learn to build the foundation for teaching a quality visual art program in your school.

When you purchase this online video training course, you will receive 1 year license rights to view lectures as many times as you like in the comfort of your own home, and time schedule. You will receive lectures once a week over a period of seven weeks, with scheduled coaching calls in-between lectures.

Lecture 1. Identifying what a quality visual art education is for children
Lecture 2. How children learn visual arts
Lecture 3. How to teach children visual arts
Lecture 4. Complete art supply & materials list, seasoned practical tips
Lecture 5. Art environment
Lecture 6. Staging a Montessori visual art shelf
Lecture 7. Art lessons – creating & planning formulas

****Activating your course notes****
After you have registered please give us 24hrs to send out your intro and first lesson. Sometimes this happens the same day, but depending on time zone or time of the day, it might take us 24 hours to start your course settings, and get you your login details emailed to you. If you have questions, you can text or leave a voice mail at 1 + (760) 652-5194, or email